The First 100 Days and Beyond

Prayers for the President

I am so excited to announce the completion of my very special prayer book called Prayers for the President: The First 100 Days and Beyond!


I was inspired to create and compile this special inaugural prayer book for President Trump. A lot of people have been praying for President Trump and this book is a chance to have our prayers to be a tangible expression of our heart for him. The prayer submissions have been amazing and heartfelt.


I have to tell you, you cannot read this book and not cry. The power and presence of God is so "concentrated" in this one compilation of prayers that have come in from all over the world--including Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, and all over the United States!


130 People from around the world submitted heart-felt prayers for President Trump for this wonderful Holy Spirit inspired book!


CLICK HERE to download FIRST 7 DAYS OF PRAYERS so you can start praying the prayers in unity with others from the first day (January 20th).


I suspect after seeing the prayers for the first 7 days, you might well want a copy of the entire book as an ebook (PDF).


Here are a few simple ways for you to get involved:

  • Download the FIRST 7 DAYS OF PRAYERS for free and pray one prayer daily starting January 20, 2017, the date of the Presidential Inauguration

  • Make a donation of $25 USD or more and receive the entire Prayers for the President: The First 100 Days and Beyond ebook with 130 daily prayers (see below)

  • Invite your friends to this web page for them to get involved

  • Join our Prayers for the President Facebook group




If you make a donation of $25 or more to my non-profit, Veronica Karaman Ministries (VKM), Inc., you will receive the entire Prayers for the President: The First 100 Days and Beyond ebook (PDF).


Here's how it works--Please read carefully:


1. For a minimum donation of:

  • $25, you will receive 1 ebook (permission to download 1 copy)
  • $50, you will receive 4 ebooks (permission to download 4 copies and send the ebook file to 3 more people - family or friends)
  • $100, you will receive 10 ebooks (permission to download 10 copies and send the ebook file to 9 more people)

When I say "you will receive 4 or 10 ebooks," that means you can send the ebook to your family and friends up to that amount of transmissions. 4 books means you can keep 1 and send three to family and friends.


This is a copyrighted document and subject to copyright laws. I am making this book available on an HONOR system.


TO DONATE, click the button option of your choice. You will receive an email with instructions for the download shortly after.

Get Involved and Make a Big Difference

Your donations are not only appreciated, but needed at this time, as I have put my normal work aside to complete this project as unto the Lord. Thank you so much for your financial support. We are going up the mountain of the Lord together!


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Whether you decide to make a donation to have the entire "Prayers for the President" book or not, I encourage you to invite your family and friends to this web page.


Our vision is to have 10,000 people praying the same prayer on the same day, hopefully along with our President!!




CLICK HERE to join the Prayers for the President Facebook group to meet and connect with other like-minded people who are praying for President Trump. 


Thank you so much for choosing to be part of the Prayers for the President movement.



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